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Sign up for multi-factor authentication (MFA)

All UCLA employees (faculty, staff, and student workers on the UCLA payroll) need to enroll in multi-factor authentication, which requires a second authentication method besides your password. This step adds a layer of security to your account. It’s designed to prevent phishing attempts, malware attacks, as well as protecting UCLA applications that you may use regularly. MFA is required for logging in to applications such as:

- MyUCLA for viewing rosters, submitting grades, viewing classes
- CCLE for managing course websites and materials
- UCLA library logins
- Any UCLA financial or student records databases requiring your logon ID and password
- UCLA Box
- Google Apps for UCLA (g.ucla.edu)
- BruinBuy

If you haven't enrolled already, here’s how to enroll.


You can choose a cell phone, smart phone, or tablet as your MFA device. You can also choose to enroll and receive a text message or call to your cell phone, or you can receive a call to your landline. If you work from home frequently, you can set up your home phone too.

It’s recommended to set up a second MFA option in case your primary one is unavailable. For instance, you can choose a cell phone and a tablet, or a smart phone for texting and an office landline. You can even set up two different landlines if you have multiple offices or labs.

Here’s how to set up your office landline:


UCLA’s Information Security Office is in charge of the MFA program and BruinOnline is managing support. If you have any questions, you can reach BruinOnline by email at consult@ucla.edu or phone them directly at 310-267-4357.

How to keep your email account safe

It's become more common these days for computer account hackers to try to hijack email accounts. Typical methods involve sending you an "official-looking" email to ask for your account information, such as your login ID and especially your password. Or sometimes the email suggests your account is full and asks you to click a link to access your email. You can avoid these attempts when you read this guide to help you distinguish safe emails from dangerous ones...and never send your password to anyone in an email.

For computing-related issues and questions such as: